Hand Knits Completed

White with black band Cloche hat,knitted with Lark Nest,a blend of wool and cashmere,to take the plainess off I added a pin brooch to pretty it up.

Hand Knits Completed

I knitted this hat from a Russian pattern,very tricky to decipher the chart symbols ,but an interesting knit in Merino yarn.

Hand Knits completed.

This is knitted with Hobbii yarn Tonga, a blend of Acrylic, wool and Alpaca,lovely vibrant colouring,as well as being warm.

Catchin up.

Well a lot of time has passed since I started to blog, and many trials have made the road a bit on the rocky side.But aside from all that I have been working on many projects,including cleaning up the yard of fallin leaves and cleaning out house gutters,emptying all the leaves onto the vege garden…

Continuing My Knitting Ventures

As the years went by I knitted various items like striped scarves,learn’t how to make lacey stitches as in knitted doilies,then went onto knitting a Norwegian type of jacket in 3 colours of yarn.This was bulky yarn,and I learn’t both the carry method and weave method where I could.This was quite tricky for me as…